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Career Consulting

Hersher Associates, Ltd.ís executive search consultants provide career consulting advice to prospective candidates. We value our candidates and know that they may one day become our clients. We are committed to assisting potential candidates make the right career decisions and providing candidates with the right tools for success.

Our career consulting services include helping candidates determine their long-term career goals and determining interim career steps to ultimately reach those goals. We also identify additional training and education that may be needed for advancement.

We are experts at assisting with career changes and direction. We spend considerable time identifying skills, areas for improvement and overall strengths and weaknesses of our candidates. We work with the candidates to ensure that their resume reflects their skills and accomplishments, and clearly explain their work history. We do not rewrite resumes, but provide constructive advice and consulting to assist the candidates in crafting an effective resume.

We also coach our candidates, as part of our consulting services, on interviewing style, body language, appropriate dress, and keeping their expectations realistic.

We can also provide market information on salaries, benefits and reasonable relocation expectations.

Our goal is to provide career consulting that will be valuable, practical and candid.