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Organizational Assessment & Design

Our clients often ask us to review the organization, management and need for a new position before initiating a search. In order to conduct that consulting effectively, we need to spend several days and potentially several trips assessing the organization.

We meet with potential hiring executives to discuss the reason for the position, the skills needed, short and long-term accountabilities, and barriers and issues surrounding the position. We then meet with the peers and the superior of the hiring executive as well as the peers to the new position. As is common nature, you can be sure that there are various visions for the role and sometimes political stumbling blocks to be uncovered. Our goal is to bring some consensus to the position design, reporting structure, title, accountability and political issues, before the recruitment process is started.

We are very experienced at consulting on organizational design. We are often called upon to design a new organizational chart and evaluate managers that are currently filling some of the existing positions.

In addition to evaluating a new position for success, we work with the hiring executive to have them evaluate their own role, particularly if the new role is to be their number two. We ask the hiring executive to explain how their life will change and how they can grow, with the addition of this new position. We also work with the hiring executive's manager to make sure there is total agreement on the purpose of this new position.

If it is a number two position, we not only work with the executive to write the position description, but we work to rewrite the hiring executive's position description. This ensures job satisfaction for both, little duplication and a check on "not delegating". Our work in this area has been extremely successful and rewarding for our clients and the new recruits.

We are often engaged to consult on organizational design and position responsibilities as a separate engagement not tied to recruitment services.