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Retention Evaluation & Planning

We believe that a successful and carefully designed recruitment process and subsequent hiring will result in aiding the retention of that individual. We have designed an organizational model of recruitment and retention evaluation, leading to the planning phase and execution of a recruitment and retention process.

We begin our process with meeting the Executive team to determine corporate culture and discover their issues with recruitment and retention in the organization. Once that is determined, we then design a process to work with the V P level and managers to change or upgrade their recruitment and retention processes.

Some of our modules include working with HR and hiring managers to conduct effective phone screening and candidate interviewing, we also train managers to be trainers of their hiring managers for successful outcomes.

We share pitfalls and barriers to successful hiring and retention and work with our clients to develop unique methodologies to retain valuable human resources. It has been our experience and born out in recent literature, that money is not the best answer to employee retention. It is hard work to take the time to constantly be aware of your teamsí personal and professional hot buttons, but is the only key to success in this volatile environment.