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  • Networking is an absolute must in a successful job search
  • Involve others
  • Identify people you trust - personally and professionally
  • Call and talk with your contacts about your goals and current situation
  • Ask for objective feedback and be receptive to it
  • If people know what you are looking for, they will call you when they hear of something appropriate
  • Ask ten contacts if they could refer you to three of their contacts - not for a job but for advice
  • Now you have thirty new contacts in your network!
  • Don't forget to contact the alumni association connected to your colleges and universities
  • Organizations your belong to will often have job boards. Be sure to check them periodically
  • Volunteer organizations often consist of individuals from varying backgrounds. Talk to people you volunteer with and ask them if they have any suggestions
  • Organize your networking. Keep records of who you've talked to and the outcome of that call
  • Thank your contacts. Send a short note telling how helpful they've been
  • Keep in touch with your contacts - stay on their radar screens
  • When you get that new job, let your contacts know and again thank them for their assistance
  • Be a contact for someone else. That is how networking works!

Career Counsel-Building A Network
Advance for Healthcare Information Executives, by Betsy S. Hersher, March, 2004.