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  • Remember, this is a marketing document!
  • List your accomplishments
  • Your resume should begin with the present and go backward
  • Make sure your name, address, phone number and e-mail address appear on each page
  • White or off-white are acceptable standards of paper
  • List dates and locations for each position, but group with the same company under one master heading
  • Cover education accurately and list specifics for degrees, including dates
  • Keep personal information minimal and include at the end
  • Presentations or publications could be added as a separate addendum to your resume, if lengthy

Resumes Should

  • Give a complete, accurate picture of your background
  • Be clear and concise
  • Reflect significant accomplishments, not just responsibilities
  • Be reasonably traditional
  • Be accompanied by a direct cover letter addressing a specific opportunity
  • Show military service, if applicable
  • Include unique or extraordinary experiences ń for example, time spent in other countries, special awards, etc.
  • Be shared with friends and mentors for comments and edits
  • Be updated annually

Resumes Should Not

  • Be limited to just one or two pages
  • Include pictures
  • Be on colored paper
  • Contain typos or grammatical errors
  • Be 'cutesy'
  • Be photocopied or printed on dot matrix
  • Indicate religious affiliations, unless a major factor of your job search
  • Leave holes in your personal history

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