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Executive Search

Our approach to executive search is consultative in nature. Each organization is different and there is no cookie cutter approach when evaluating the organization, position design, reporting structure and corporate culture.

We view the upfront time that we spend with our clients and the ongoing communications: whether in weekly updates, at search meetings or personal status visits; as vital to the success of the search. These encounters are an essential element to establishing the right personality, skills and cultural match to the client and environment.

It is critical that we keep lines of communication open during and after the course of the search as things change rapidly in healthcare and we need to stay up to date on our client's needs.

We treat our candidates in a similar manner. We work in teams. There are several of us that evaluate and support the candidates throughout the recruitment process. We realize that in general, we are recruiting a family, not just an individual. Time is taken to interview each candidate to find out his/her motivation, values and skills.

We help our candidates to thoroughly understand the opportunities we present by sharing information on the organization and the position, such as the position description, organizational charts, annual reports, newsletters, strategic plans and our observations. We work to ensure that candidates presented to our clients for interviews are not only qualified but are fully informed, prepared and interested.