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Our Search Philosophy

We view our relationship with every client and candidate as a true partnership. When you hire Hersher Associates, Ltd. you are hiring an innovative and proactive addition to your senior management team. We value our clients and candidates and pride ourselves on building long-term relationships. When you become a candidate, we work with you to make the best possible career match. Our approach is honest and based on trust.

Fit to Corporate Culture
We strive to ensure an excellent fit between client and candidate. Our goal is to make a successful, lasting placement. By conducting a thorough, on-site organizational assessment, we are able to evaluate all potential candidates for not only their leadership, managerial, and technical skills, but also their ability to match each client's unique corporate culture. Our commitment is to make sure that the candidates fit the client's corporate culture.

Communication & Teamwork
Establishing open lines of communication with our clients and candidates ensures successful outcomes. We believe in a team approach to support our clients. This allows us to conduct thorough research and guarantees that a team member is available at all times for our clients and candidates.

Recruitment & Retention
We believe that a carefully designed recruitment and hiring process will result in a successful retention of valuable staff. We have designed an organizational model of recruitment and retention and conduct workshops at various levels within the organization dealing with recruitment and retention.

Our Search Process

Understanding the client organization

We believe that a thorough upfront evaluation of the client's organization creates a strong foundation for a successful search.

  • Conduct an on-site organizational assessment
  • Create a search plan and position summary
  • Establish deadlines and communications protocol
  • If a search committee is utilized, we are the effective members of the search committee.

Conducting the search

  • Source our vast network of resources including our extensive database to identify qualified candidates
  • Establish open communication with clients and candidates
  • Update the client on search progress and status on a regular basis
  • Conduct in-depth interviews with potential candidates
  • Interview qualified candidates in person
  • Conduct thorough and complete references

Guidance through the decision process

  • Provide written presentations of final candidates to our clients
  • Share feedback with clients and candidate during the interview phase
  • Assist in extending and negotiating offers
  • Follow-up with clients and candidate after position acceptance